Ramblings from the Middle Ages…


Cathay wing

I used to rely on my very well travelled partner (now ex) to get me through the airports with absolute ease – it helped that he had a few cards that made us feel important and get to the shorter queues. Now, it’s completely up to me. I didn’t think I’d have to do this alone too often, but here I am to confirm that I survived and proved to myself that I CAN do it alone.

Thanks Cathay Pacific for their lovely Premium Economy flight to Hong Kong, and whilst I’m showing appreciation, thanks to Hong Kong Airport for making my solo journey through a completely unknown airport easy.

About the Cathay flight. I have my usual window seat and this time a new travel buddy, but the same outcome… he was asleep before take off. I’m always envious of those that can sleep on flights.



It was an early-ish flight out of Melbourne direct to HK so breakfast was served. A slightly rubbery frittata and some baked beans that were reminiscent of the famous Brunswick breaky. I ask the question that everyone thinks… Who thought it a good idea to serve baked beans in such a confined space?

Lunch, I plucked up enough courage to order Kung Pao prawns (not normally a big seafood eater here)… What could possibly go wrong by ordering seafood from a plane – there are schools of fresh fish in the sky, yes? I’m still alive and without issues to tell you that it was great. The slight heated spice sat quite well with the perfectly cooked jasmine rice. And against all the wine buffs, I ordered Louis Filipe Edwards Central Valley Cab Sav (quaffers give it an 8/10 btw) with my prawns. Ever trying to swim against the tide I am.

Movies watched (limited options surprisingly):

Goodbye Christopher Robin – sweet, yet slightly dark. Perhaps not made for kids – of the lesser vintage physically, not mentally.

Justice League – two solid hours I SHOULD have been studying for my TEFL course that I will never get back.

Bay Watch – don’t judge me! It was great eye candy and I even had a couple of chuckles.

Next flight was a Bangkok Airways direct to Koh Samui. They served up something resembling dog residue but tasted divine! Slightly sweet, salty and spicy chicken with rice. Isn’t it funny how the little dodgy, propeller driven planes can have the best food, just like the shady looking restaurants with plastic tables, plastic chairs and paper table cloths.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is on the screen for this flight, so I jumped back a row of seats to avoid my neighbouring coughing, sniffing, seat warmers, which allowed me the whole row to myself and I napped. It’s tiring work this flying caper it seems.

After what felt like days, I land at Koh Samui and get to my hotel around 9pm. That’s a solid 14 hours of doing very little. After a shower I decide to drag my sluggish backside to a bar in the main Street of Chaweng with a corner location that has excellent people watching. I was the only person in the place, which lasted a whole 10 minutes. It appears that my sitting there alone with my beer was a advertisement along the lines of “The Singha is fine here, come on in.” It was packed in no time! The Palms Bar & Grill, I thank you for your great live music and super cold Singha that kept me up for another 3 hours, and Ark Bar for the entertainment on my staggered, barefoot, beach meander home. Someone needs to remind me that I’m 46 not 26 any more.

Al’s Resort (yes, I choose my resorts based on my own name) at Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui is my go to abode whenever I am there. And boy have they GROWN. I feel like the proud Aunty that visits occasionally and when I see the kids each time they’ve changed even more. “How did you get to be so big?” And how much did we all dislike hearing that as kids?! It’s a mental response of “Duh, I’m 5 years older than when I saw you last.”


It’s at Al’s Resort that I decide on an interactive trip. Admittedly, I had to consider 4 weeks of study in between fun things to do, but I’m going to allow the masses decide what I do, eat and drink next. It’s all good in theory, but a majority of my people are 4 hours behind me, so by the time I’m ready for dinner and their decisions, they’re kipping away solidly. I’m still sticking with this theme, it just needs to be modified slightly.

My three days at Chaweng Beach were just to mentally stop, deal with the last few months of chaos and then prepare myself for the Samui TEFL course about to start on Monday. I think the Samui TEFL course deserves its own blog to be honest. It was intense, long hours and I made some great buddies in between.

So what was I thinking, coming to a tropical paradise full of honeymooners, solo and not long after an unpleasant divorce?? I’m jaded and can’t help but think “These happy couples will figure it out one day.”

It’s all about education… of the mind, body and spirit.


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