Learn about solo travel:

Do you want to learn how to travel solo and you’re over 40? Read my blogs on solo travel for women over 40 for funny stories, solo travel hacks and travel photography skills.

About me:


I’m Ali, a travel photographer and solo female travel blogger for women over 40 – making me a “Blogographer”. Above all else, I love discussing all the important travel topics with like-minded souls whilst absorbing every cultural experience possible and taking photos in each location.

Born and raised in the creatively vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia, I tried several societally “normal” jobs/careers over the decades. I found that my true passions lie in the artistic, globe wandering and spiritual realms, for instance.

In other words, gradually becoming my authentic self whilst being of service to my community is my main aim.  I certainly don’t conform to the usual rules or take life too seriously. My blogography here, plus the shenanigans at my @discarded_undies IG page will give you a pretty good idea of what this looks and sounds like.

As a solo female blogographer:

During my recent solo travels, I’ve taken a lot of opportunities to learn and be of service.  For example; I’ve studied to become an ESL teacher in Koh Samui, Thailand, a Yoga teacher in Rishikesh (THE Yoga capital of India) and an Ayurvedic therapist in Sri Lanka.

Therefore I feel it’s time to share all those experiences with you. As a result, it’s your turn to gain from what I’ve learned. You’ll hear about travelling solo as a middle aged woman, Havaiana-wearing, beer-swilling, unfashionable, metal-loving-meditating-badass Aussie yogini.

All this will give you some good detail on how to become a solo travel genius confidently and safely.

Please, rest assured, I’m not going to push products you don’t really need to travel solo successfully. However, I’ll share my go to equipment for successful solo travel.

What you’ll learn:

In conclusion, I’ll offer advice on topics like how to pack efficiently and wisely, fly-stay-and-eat cheaply and how travel photography works for the solo traveller. Included; meeting people, playing with locals, having authentic experiences and general solo travel hacks.

Subsequently, you may even learn how to get laid and/or fall in love… firstly and most importantly with yourself ;). All this mixed in with humorous solo female travel stories on how I came to such conclusions.


Where to start links:

Travel stories start here.

My YouTube Channel here.


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  1. You are so special Ali, you inspire me to be a better person and try to
    be the best that I can be in lots of areas! proud to call you my friend,
    love Jan xxx

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